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Hands of Caring

Nurturing and Equipping the Christian Community Holistically

I can see a lot of pastors who are able to preach and are deeply rooted in the Word of God but among those pastors, many do not know much about leading and managing their church effectively due to their limited knowledge of hard and soft skills as well as their administrative weaknesses. As a church ministry leader, I feel that we should do something to help the pastors in these areas. If we develop and strengthen the local pastors and leaders’ capacities holistically by providing training in areas such as leadership, management, administrative work, how to plan effectively and strategically, and so on, we will see healthier church leaders and a healthier church.

As we are one family in Christ Jesus, we must care for our family members. The work of Love is not just saying it and expecting people to feel it, but it must be done. There must be action. As we love family embers, we must help them in whatever way we can, not just by saying “Jesus loves you.” We want to see all pastors and church leaders who are faithful in serving the Lord to grow holistically and ministering effectively. 

  1. Discipleship Making
  2. Evangelical Outreach
  3. Church Planting Program 

Hands of Blessing

This project is to bring the love and blessing of God to the people by focusing on the main four areas below :

1)   Giving hope and love to the poor and elderly people in the remote areas of Cambodia. We know that most of the poor and elderly people in Cambodia are neglected by their family members and the people around them because they can do nothing to contribute back to society. I feel that these kinds of people are the most hopeless in the world. Sometimes they also feel very isolated. Because of this, the Hands of Blessing Project is one of the projects designed to care for and show the Love of God to these people. Through the Hands of Blessing we will give them hope so they can experience the true Love of God. I believe that when people experience His true love, their lives will be completely transformed and changed and they will become a new person. So to testify of His love to others, we do not just speak, but do something for them so that they will feel His Love through us. I remember one phrase said that “actions speak louder than words.” I believe in more than just telling people that God loves them, but showing them that He does.

2)   Medical Outreach: This is another area of the Hands of Blessing Project. Through medical outreaches we intend to bring the Love of God to the poor children and elderly people as well as those who have no access to medical treatment in their local areas. As we know, most people in Cambodia, especially the people who live in the remote areas, are uneducated. They do not understand the significance of health care for themselves and their family members. The lack of opportunities and access to medical services is due to their family’s financial condition. I believe that these people also need to experience God’s love in their lives through medical outreaches that we are prepared to provide.

3) University Scholarships: Another part of the Hands of Blessing Project is our University Scholarship Program. This program is to give opportunities to poor students who finished high school but they are not able to pursue a higher education at a university because of their family’s financial situation. We aim to support 7 students every year because we know that this is something that will change their lives and their family’s future also. This is yet another way we will be able to show God’s love to even more people by reaching out to different demographics. We know that love is not just a word but an action. As when Jesus was on earth, He also fulfilled the needs of the people around Him. He was not just sharing about the Kingdom and the love of God, but He also did something for the people.

4) Dormitory Housing: There are already some who provide dormitory housing services in Cambodia, but I can see it is still a great need for people who come to study in Phnom Penh. We want to make this dormitory different from others. We want to use this project to develop the hard and soft skills of the students who stay in our dormitory to be future influencing leaders which is the best contribution to their community and the Kingdom of Cambodia. We also want this project to be a training center for giving opportunities to other people for the purpose of capacity building in many respects. This can also be a way to generate income for our sustainability in the future.

Hands of Serving

Musical and Evangelical Outreach

Music is an area that is very important and powerful for outreach ministry in Cambodia. Somewhere between 80 – 90% of Cambodian people enjoy music as their main source of entertainment when they are free from work or just listen to music regularly to relax! But the music or songs that they are listening to are depressing or in general, not uplifting. The plan of this project is to produce original music that can share God’s love via music of hope.

  1. Music Class Short Courses: We plan to create music classes to reach out to the young people during their vacations from school. There are two times per year for school vacations. We will hold the music short classes during this period. Because music is very popular, especially to the younger generations, it will be a great opportunity for us to reach out to them.
  2. Mobile Musical Outreach to The Province: This is to help the local churches for ministry outreach. We will move from place to place and partner with local churches to provide music training to their own church members and open up opportunities for evangelism to other people in their community.
  3. Produce Original Songs of Hope: There are a lot of talented people who are able to write original Christian songs for the churches to use, but there is limited opportunity for them to use their talents. This project is meant to unlock the potential of the people of God so that they will use their gifts that God has given to them for the sake of The Kingdom.

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