LOVE - Giving - LIFE  ក្តីស្រឡាញ់ផ្តល់ជីវិត

“We want to see people abide in the Love of God, live in the Fullness of His love, and bear good fruit in Life”.

One day when I was drinking a cup of coffee with my wife (Bin Vidaly) and my sister YaYa, I felt that God spoke to me and encouraged me with the word "LOVE” and when I read the Bible at that moment, I felt that God had spoken to me. He brought me to 1 John 4:7-21. These verses talk about the love, which is the Love of God. That He loves me first no matter what had happened to me. When I read this Bible verse, my heart was melted with His Love and at that moment I had forgotten the difficult situation that I was faced with. The Lord had placed this word in my heart for almost two weeks. When I think about the Word of Love, the action that should always follow that feeling in our hearts, it is stirring up in my heart, and it came out with the phrase: “LOVE-Giving-LIFE.”

I asked myself “What is “LOVE-Giving-LIFE” for?” Then God told me “It is the LOVE of your Father in Heaven. That He loves all people and wants them to experience His love. He wants all people to experience His true and unconditional Love and be transformed and to live a life which is abundantly blessed. It is very true that when people truly experience the Love of God, their lives will be surely changed and they will live an abundantly blessed life. I want to bring the Love of God to all the people in the world. I want everyone to enjoy it and to be set free from all bondages because when they experience His pure Love, their lives will be changed to live in the Hope of the good things that God has prepared for them. The pure Love which is the Love of Christ casts out all fear!


The mission of LOVE-Giving-LIFE is to bring the LOVE of God to people through: Hands of Blessing, Hands of Caring (Nurturing & Equipping the Christian Community Holistically) and Hands of Hope (Musical Outreach).

(Our mission is a statement that specifies our organization’s purpose or “the reason that we are here.” It is the primary standard that our organization’s plans and programs that will be evaluated by. It is the core purpose of the organization, to bring the Love of God to the people through our work which is stated above.)



  1. We Live With Love
  2. We Lead With Love
  3. We Serve With Love

(Our Core Values are the principles and ideals that bind our organization together including the people we serve, employees, vendors, and all stakeholders. We developed these core values to frame an ethical context for our organization and to show the people God’s Love through us in the way we live, lead, and serve.)


  1. We Respect People
  2. We Love People
  3. We Are Accountable
  4. We Are Responsible.
  5. We Are Teachable
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